Letters from a Learning Mother

A Mother’s Love

The love I have for you is unlike any I’ve ever known.

It mustered up the strength to lift you from your bedside crib at the hospital to nurse you during our first few nights together, even though it cost every ounce of power left in my tired, aching body, still recovering from birth.

It leaves get-togethers early if you keep rubbing your eyes and need a quiet place so you can wind down. It stays home alone with you when a group of friends is going to the movies, even when kicking my feet up and eating some popcorn sounds like a lot of fun.

This love declares war on your colds and jumps in front of you like a guard dog at the slightest anticipation of potential danger, (even if it’s just an interested toddler’s chubby, little finger.)

It’s the silly sounds I make to lure out your sweet smile, even if other people can hear. It turns folding laundry into a game of peek-a-boo and doesn’t mind that it takes ten times longer.

It’s the tired eyes that do not close before you’ve fallen asleep. And even once you do, it takes in the miracle you are for a moment or two before finally saying, “Good night.”

It’s you screaming in my ear, and me pulling you a little bit closer and holding you even tighter in response, rather than turning my head away from the noise.

It is fearless when it comes to getting pooped, peed or spit up on, and has the piles of laundry to prove it.

It stayed inside on New Year’s Eve and kissed your cheek at midnight just as you were drifting off to sleep for the night, unimpressed by the fireworks filling the sky just outside our bedroom window I would have loved to have seen.

People always said it was something that couldn’t be explained. They said I wouldn’t understand it until I had children of my own.

What I didn’t expect was for it to feel so natural. For it to fill me to the point of overflowing, and for me to rarely have to make a conscious choice to love you well by doing what is best for you.

A mother’s love is fierce and selfless. It’s tender and caring. It is present and engaged, unwavering and unshakable. It’s captivated and completely over-the-moon.

There’s nothing like a mother’s love, and nothing I love more than getting to experience it from the other side.

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