Letters from a Learning Mother

Dependency On The One Who Can

You are wild. You are fearless and free. You haven’t learned to hide even the slightest bit of who you are or what you feel.

You are pure. You are tender and sweet. Your skin has yet to be bruised, your heart has never known offense or been left pained or scarred.

You are so, so simple in your intricate design. You don’t need or even care for fancy things. You’re usually more drawn to my face than anything I wave in front of yours.

Despite its simplicity, the greatest challenge in motherhood is even greater than I’d suspected: loving and leading in a way that might help you to never outgrow your true, initial self. And I’ve quickly realized: I can’t. At least not perfectly. Possibly adequately.

I once heard someone say, “As a parent, you will not always be there – teach your children to run to the One who is. They will not always need you – but they will always need Him.”

So on the days with way too many mom fails, I want to rejoice in the reminder that my life is teaching my son the most important lesson: dependency on the One who can.

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