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Let Daddy be Daddy

As I listen to rocketship and airplane noises from the next room, I’m somewhat tempted to make sure noone is flying too high or at risk of a crash landing.

When I see my husband using one of his manly hands to hold our son under his arms, I sometimes wish he would use the other one, too (just to be safe.)

I confess, there are times when I have to stop myself from hovering or from telling my husband how I personally have found diaper-changing to work best.

And when I turn around to see Ellis on his Papa’s shoulders, I find myself automatically gravitating towards my men, getting my hands ready to catch my son should he somehow slide from his castle-high throne.

My husband tries (and succeeds!) at teaching our three-month-old all sorts of tricks I would deem him still too little or young for. But I’ve also realized that little boys don’t grow into the type of brave, young men I hope my son will someday be simply due to the tender love and care of their mothers. It would be a shame if fathers were forced to be mommy-like and forbidden from being the wild-hearted men they truly are.

There are so many things I want my son to learn that I cannot teach him, so I’m learning to let Daddy be Daddy. And I’m becoming more grateful with every day as I witness my boys be wild and loud, silly, fun, and so very different than Mommy.

5 thoughts on “Let Daddy be Daddy

  1. This is so relatable. With a 3 month old also, (and I’m a bit of a bossy control freak) I find it so hard to not comment on little things I notice my husband does different to me. But I do take a step back, as it’s just how we grow as a parent. And to be honest, most of the time his way is slightly better

    1. Hi, thanks for reading! I learn so much and have found it to be even healing, in a sense, to watch the way my husband interacts with our son. It makes me love both of my men in even deeper way.
      – Alyssa

  2. […] I secretly wish he didn’t enjoy it so much, but our son is absolutely thrilled when his Daddy grabs him by the legs and dangles him upside down. He beams proudly and giggles if anyone’s eyes meet his own – and his expression remains that way until his Papa sets him down again. He also loves nothing more than to be flying for a moment when my husband tosses him up in the air. He erupts in sounds of utter delight each and every time. (One of the reasons I choose to let Daddy be Daddy.) […]

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