Letters from a Learning Mother

These Are The Days

As the end of the day slowly rolled around, I tried to think of ways to bridge the gap between dinner time and bed time. My husband was away on a trip and I had already been on three walks with my little boy to pass the time that day.

I decided on a bath, even though I had already successfully washed most of the sand off of my little one’s hands, feet and face in the creek after spending the afternoon in the sandbox at our nearby playground.

As I quickly loaded the dishwasher, some measuring cups hanging in the kitchen caught my eye. I grabbed them from their hook and tossed them into the bathtub before stepping into the shallow water with my nine-month-old.

His eyes grew wide as he reached for the colorful plastic, and he let out little squeals of delight when I used them to pour water over his arms and legs.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I thought to myself, “These are the days I want to remember.”

I want to remember the days when my son is absolutely enthralled by completely ordinary things as he encounters and experiences them for the first time.

I want to remember his playful look of anticipation when I hide my face before announcing, “peek-a-boo!”

And the days when my son takes a few wobbly steps while holding only one of my hands, allowing me to catch a glimpse of our near future when we’ll ditch the stroller and walk side by side at a leisurely pace.

I want to remember the days when a silly sound I make causes my little love to laugh hysterically, which in turn leads me to make it again and again until we both have to catch our breath.

And the spontaneous family dance parties that break out when my husband puts on some vinyl records after a long and drawn-out weekend brunch.

I want to remember the moments when my baby pauses while nursing to look up at me and smile, making me feel like the most adored person in the world.

And the ones when he reaches out his hand and wraps his little arm around me as he’s falling asleep.

Surely enough, these are the messiest, most challenging, most tiring days I have ever experienced. Yet, they are also the most meaningful and blissful ones I have ever called my own.

So I want to remember them all — every single little ordinary moment wrapped up in the gift of our everyday.

And not only do I want to remember them, I want to treasure these fleeting days before they fade into my fondest memories.

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