Letters from a Pregnant Mother

To The Miracle In Me

To the miracle in me: Just when I think I’ve started to figure you out, you prove me wrong – each and every time. The flutters that start to feel familiar turn into kicks, twists and turns that your daddy can feel, too. And just when I start getting used to those, suddenly I can see your little elbows and knees move across my belly as you stretch.

When I felt you hiccup for the first time, it hit me all over again that you’re not just the bump in my belly, but a living, human being.

I stop and stare almost every time I walk past a mirror, wondering when exactly my belly button popped and how in the world you plan on adding another few pounds to your weight before making your grand entrance. I already feel like I’ve been stretched to the max!

You keep me on my toes, Little One. And I’m almost positive that your existence has started a chapter in my life that will never come to an end – a chapter of expecting the unexpected.

Anja Kirschner

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