Letters from a Learning Mother

We’re Still Us

We’re Mommy and Daddy now, but we’re still us.

We’re still us, but with more laundry and less sleep.

We’re still us, but our table for two now requires enough room beside it for a diaper bag and our (ideally) sleeping baby.

We’re still us, but hand-holding has turned into taking turns pushing a stroller around our little German village and through the cobblestone streets of our city.

We’re still us, but movie-watching has become a feat to be tackled over the course of two or three nights, since our son likes to go to bed late like his parents do.

We’re still us, but someone else has earned the right to join us for our lazy weekend morning cuddles. Our brunches take longer now, too, since one of us is usually navigating bites of fruit or pancakes around the baby on our lap while also making sure he doesn’t put anything in his mouth that he manages to get his hands on.

We’re still us, but now we always have an audience when we sing together, even if we’re just at home.

We’re still us, but our laughter has doubled and is usually related to cute and silly things our baby does.

We’re still us, but our spontaneous souls are getting better at planning. We’ve also become more intentional, more present and more fun.

We still catch glimpses of each other’s eyes, which has become something to treasure even more than we did before we developed slight tunnel vision for a fascinating, little human.

We’re undoubtedly different now, but we’re still the “us” we spent the first five years of our marriage building. Even though we are ever-changing, the “us” will forever remain.

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